Tragedy 2.

Which again would be the greater tragedy?

Knowing exactly what you want without hope of ever obtaining it


Living your whole life not knowing what you really want.


8 thoughts on “Tragedy 2.

  1. Wow. You really made me think with this post, with those 2 thoughts or maybe questions. I never thought about that but, let me ask you… HOW and WHY did you come up with those questions?

  2. ‘Living without a goal’, will be a greater tragedy!
    I feel we should always look for “a purpose for living”, eventually we may or may not reach the finish line but it’s important to advance in that one direction. 🙂
    Nice post. Thanks.

  3. Alright, then I think if I have a goal or a dream that I know, there is NO possibility of achieving that…it would kill me. It would be like living inside a snowglobe without even the hope of being able one day to escape.

    I think, I’d rather to live without knowing what I want. The reason is because the ” not knowing ” can be pursued. Not knowing means that there is something out there big for you. You just don’t know what it is. Not knowing it means that you still have hopes, that nobody killed your dreams. You might ” don’t know what you want ” but you do know that you can look for something…that soon or later something will happen .
    You can spend your entire life look for the ” not knowing what ” but during that research you can live AMAZING life experience that can turn you into a storyteller .

    Afterall, Socrates used to say ” I know that I don’t know nothing “.

    Looking for what you don’t know is to look for everything.

  4. I like you Spicepinkie… you really are making an effort here!!! 😛 Yes I mean what if you dont know what you want in life… or worse you have something and think that that is exactly what you want and spend your life not knowing that in fact that isn’t. Too much ?

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