Haiku #3

Memories of a

stolen kiss under a sky

of fireflies abound



I deleted you.


I stared at the phone screen for hours and then days.

I thought about all the I Love Yous and I Miss Yous

I remembered all the coffee assignations

I recalled all the candle lit dinners and roses

I recollected all the dancing sunsets and grains of sand

I reminisced most of all about shared sated silence.


And then I remembered why I shouldn’t remember.


And I almost thought I wouldn’t have the courage.

Or the will.

Or the strength.

But I did.

It wasn’t really as hard as I had imagined.

It was just a click of a button.

And you were gone.

I deleted you.


I wrote you a song

Isn’t that what lovers do?

I forgot to pay the bills

I didn’t fill gas in the car.

I ridiculed you in front of your friends

I stayed late at the office all week

I danced with my ex girlfriend at the club

I made plans with my friends on our anniversary

I lost my temper more than once today

But I bought you flowers didn’t I?

Isn’t that what lovers do?