Conversation 6 – Of Dancing


The Singing Butler is an oil-on-canvas painting made by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano in 1992. Vettriano has described the painting as an “uplifting fantasy”. The Singing Butler has been criticised for its uneven finishing, inconsistent lighting and treatment of wind, and for the odd position of the dancers. His work has been widely criticised by art critics, but is popular with the public.

Do you dance?
No. I don’t and I think people who do are infinitely stupid.
Really? Why?
Why would any sane person jump around expending energy for no reason?
You think people dance for no reason?
You don’t?
I think most people dance for a reason. It may not be a good one but there is usually one.
Like what?
We dance to express vanity. Or happiness. Or sadness. Or togetherness. Infinite things. Intangible things. Of course there is the argument that why should dance or for that matter – everything have a purpose ? But that is for another conversation.
But why is there such a need to express our feelings? Why can’t we just hold what we feel inside of us? Why do we need a dance floor and a tattooed DJ to tell us how to shake our remixed feelings to a pilfered tune?
Because how can a human not express himself? He just has to. Otherwise he would suffocate and die.
He would? And do we not suffocate and die anyway sometimes even after we have expressed all we have to?
Not if we find the right someone to express it to.
And you flatter yourself that you are the right someone?
Do you feel a bit better or a bit worse after this debate?
I suppose better. But what if I said worse? Would that be bad?
Not as much as if you had said neither.