Love through time……


How do you miss me asked the new lovers impossibly entwined all legs and arms
Like I miss the rain on a hot day in the punishing sun
The sweltering heat making it nigh impossible to think of anything else but the balm
Of a steady deluge of raindrops deliquescing you and me into one. 
How do you miss me asked the lovers cherishing a bond of a long long time
Like the imperceptible air that I unquestioningly breathe
I cannot see it and sometimes I don’t even truly feel it but even then acutely I’m
Aware when it is gone it leaves in its cruel wake a grieving wreath. 
How do you miss me asked the lovers of a lifetime of decades and then some more
Like I miss the music when it is forever gone
I can survive maybe even live, but even a tiny discordant note of a melody of yore
Makes my heart ache that all that is left is a desolate swansong.