Conversation 2 – Of deadly sins


The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things is a painting attributed to Hieronymus Bosch, completed around 1500 or later. The painting is oil on wood panels. The painting is presented in a series of circular images.
Four small circles, detailing “Death of the sinner”, “Judgement”, “Hell”, and “Glory”, surround a larger circle in which the seven deadly sins are depicted: wrath at the bottom, then (proceeding clockwise) envy, greed, gluttony, sloth, extravagance (later, lust), and pride in scenes from everyday life rather than allegorical representations of the sins.


I love you.
Really? And how exactly have you arrived at this conclusion?
How? I dream of holding you and caressing you and touching you in ways I have never touched another.
That sounds a lot like lust.
Lust.. no.. More like a gourmet relishing his food. I want to taste you and keep on devouring you till I die. 
hmmm.. Gluttony then.
No No… Try and understand. I look at you and I want to keep you protected from everything and everybody. And never let another soul set his eyes on you. Reserve you only for me.
Like a miser keeps his money?
Look – I am no miser. I am not greedy alright? I don’t want anything. All I want is nothing and to do nothing. Nothing except look at you all day. Go nowhere. See nothing else. Do nothing else.
I did not take you for a sloth.
Why are you making this so difficult? All I am saying is that I love you and the thought of someone else being with you makes me so incredibly angry that I want to end everything and everyone. You included.
Your emotions have careened precariously towards anger you know…
I do. And it is because I cannot believe your callousness. I think I envy your nonchalance. Your complete lack of any extreme emotion. I envy the way you seem unaffected.
You know all you have done is list every other sentiment other than love.
Hey.. Don’t undermine my feelings. There is nothing wrong about them. I love you and I am proud to say it. I take pride in my feelings.
You were missing one last cardinal sin. Now the list is complete. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps you DO feel love. You identify with all of the seven deadly sins. And Love after all – is the deadliest of them all.